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R & B: Road trip gone wrong

I always get lost. I do, I don’t even know how that happens so much but it does. I’m the worst person to ask for directions, I can name at least 50 people who will attest to that. But my then-fiance now-husband Rhoel, God bless him, is the man with a map and a compass. He loves reading them things and is probably the most frequent user of Google Earth.  So when we decided to shoot some more after our cowboy episode at El Kabayo last June 11, the spontaneously conceived concept was a no-brainer: we would pretend to be on a road trip. Well actually, we were on a road trip (Manila-Pampanga, hello!)! but to add a little twist to it, we decided we wanted to be lost.

Of course, we weren’t really lost (our fab photographer Paolo Feliciano is a local, remember) but technically, we were not not lost either because we didn’t know exactly where we were (somewhere in Clark with VERY few vehicles) or where we were going. Just following photographer’s orders was what we were doing. 8 )

And then we decided it would be more exciting if our reliable little white car, Snarf, conked out on us…

… which would force us to walk.

We’ll end up here, in this cozy English pub on a nice, warm afternoon.

And we’ll have some drinks and live happily ever after. Well, that’s the general idea. LOL.

— The End —

Again, this whole gig would not have been half as lovely without the intervention of our make-up artist Pia Reyes and hairstylist Dave Lopez. Cowboy hats off to you guys! 8 )

P.S. Yes our beach wedding photos will be up on the blog, too (Hey, it’s mine, right? Besides, how many times can one be so self-absorbed? Ok, don’t answer.)

R and B: Yeeehah!

I got married.

Yep, I’m hoping that one line would explain everything. But because pictures paint a thousand words, I’m not going to waste any more time and space on nouns and verbs. Below,  please find evidence of my busy-ness a week before the big day.

For the record, we’re not a pose-y couple, so we never really considered doing themed shoots. We mentioned this to our photographer Paolo Feliciano and asked instead for places in Pampanga (where he is based) that are not yet gasgas as pre-nup locations. We ended up at the El Kabayo Ranch because we thought it would be fun and easy enough to dress up as cowboys. Who’d have guessed it wasn’t meant to be thematic? 8 )

TRIVIA: My white horse is named Marica, a Polo horse and their “artista” because she is often used in films; Rhoel’s horse is called Majesty, a retired champion racehorse. Cool dudes.

The ranch charges P350 for 30 minutes of horse-riding (or P650 for an hour), with a guide. It also rents out cowboy hats, vests, boots and scarves for P250/set.  We rented only the vests and hats and worked with our own get-up. Special thanks to our make-up artist Pia Reyes and hairstylist Dave Lopez for turning us into pretty little Western things.

The ranch recreated an old Western town, complete with a courthouse, bar, post office, etc. It was surprisingly original. Kudos to Paolo for finding the place (what can we say, he’s a local!).

Man, that was fun! Part 2 coming up. Change costumes 8 )

Summer of Love winners

Okay, ladies and gents, Joey Boquiren has chosen his lucky couples. Sorry it took some time; there were a lot of great entries. We’ll share the concept boards and DIYs later, but for now, let’s get the names out and end the agony:

FREE TRASH-THE-DRESS SHOOT goes to Jen and Es, who are tying the knot on Dec. 11 at the Manila Cathedral. Jen proposed a trash-the-dress shoot at the Candaba Swamp in Pampanga, famous as a stop-over for migrating birds. Their theme board really took flight!

FREE ENGAGEMENT SHOOT goes to Bob and Elay who are getting married this June 5 at the San Antonio de Padua Parish in Antipolo City. Their shoot will involve playing traditional Pinoy games that Elay missed while growing up in Saudi Arabia. What’s even nicer is that they will actually be playing with streetkids.

FREE WEDDING BACK-UP COVERAGE goes to Ardee and Shy, who are traveling all the way to Baguio for their big day on May 18. Shy’s jewelry-inspired wedding cord (as well as the wedding rosary and invite) got A for effort and creativity.

Now, will the winners please get in touch with Joey B. through his e-mail — botchok_817@yahoo.com — for your photo shoot arrangements.

BIG THANKS to everyone who joined! As I said, there were a number of really fab entries, especially in the DIY category, but the weddings had conflicts with Joey B.’s schedule so… Still it’s a good day when you can make something you can be proud of, right? 8 ) Cheers everyone!

Earl and Abbie: This is themework

I’ve been holding this wedding for eight months now, waiting and waiting and waiting for the final output (A.K.A. artistically edited photos)  but alas, not all good things come to those who wait. And it just hit me a few nights ago, this wedding was shot by Mangored and Wally Gonzales — who needs editing? (Why it took me this long to realize that, I have NO idea.)

Now this here is what I call a themed wedding, and I mean really themed wedding. Abbie and Earl’s union was a major production. In fact, it probably had a bigger budget than most indie films. Right, Abbie? LOL. Production design (and some photos) by 4th wall (former Balay Kandila).

You need a ticket, er, escort card, to get through…

Abbie and Earl’s wedding revolved around their four favorite movies. Check these table numbers. Let’s see how well you know your films:

From Movie # 1.

From Movie # 2:

From Movie # 3

From Movie # 4

Sirit? Let’s hear from from Abbie:

Gone with the Wind

My ultimate favorite movie — saw it when I was kid, saw it when UP theater played it and I have the DVD. I love the dialogues and acting (very theatrical). I love the era; I know it’s weird but the civil war is my favorite part of  American history (Feeling ko I was there, Hehe) and because Earl loves history, he learned to love the movie na rin. But come to think of it, it’s Gone with the Wind, won eight Oscars! And because I have selective OCD (is there such a thing?) the movie became my “power movie” I watch it whenever I feel extremely happy, sad and vindictive.

The couple poses at the photobooth inspired by Gone with the Wind.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Been trying to see the movie for ages so after I saw the movie, I cried, literally cried. Next to Scarlet O’hara, I honestly think Holly Golightly is a formidable character (or maybe it’s just me) — very independent. I remember Earl was writing a paper when this was being played on TV. He took a break muna so we could watch it together and he said, “Kaya pala sabi nila maganda to, maganda pala talaga.”

A few elements from the movie:

Pride and Prejudice

I bought the movie (HBO demand) and I watched it for the entire Christmas break. I memorized every line, I didn’t just love it, I was in love with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. So for Christmas, my brother gave me a brand new book, DVD and soundtrack. He even changed my name in his cellphone to Ms. Elizabeth. Talk about obsession!

West Side Story

Earl didn’t like it, very flambuoyant interpretation of a gang war daw (frat guy kasi) but what he liked was the fight scene, minus the dancing. Ako, I’ve seen it when i was a kid too; my family loves musicals kasi. But why did the movie make it to our weeding? It’s all because of Buhay —  he loves it!!!! He likes musicals (nakuuuuu!) Nuf said.

And um, the (toy) gun was actually part of the centerpiece:

Now lest you think it was all a movie (or four movies to be precise), here are snapshots from St. James the Great where Abbie and Earl solemnly exchanged vows on Aug. 1, 2009 with their son Buhay as the most important witness.

To Earl and Abbie, you seem like a great team. May the theme of your life be everlasting love. 8 )

To those who want more inspiration from this themed wedding, click here.