Chips and Fozzy: Old School

So I’m in love with this couple, and it’s their pre-nup’s fault. It was the first engagement session I’ve seen beautifully shot in film, thanks to their lomomanila friends. Pre-nup venue is the ancestral home and rice fields of Fozzy’s family in Plaridel, Bulacan.

Fozzy is a familiar name in the weddingsatwork forum. All those free, beautifully crafted monograms? (She really should make a business out of it, but wait, not before making mine. Wink, wink!). Girl’s got art in her bones. Well, she’s in advertising. Chips, by the way, is in banking.

From Fozzy:

We met in school – through common friends and discreet stalking, haha. We’re totally different, but we have music, art, photography and food to bring us together.  We’ve influenced so much of each other but remarkably, our personalities are still as distinct as how we started. And yes, 8 years!

And would you believe that this gorgeous kid was actually the one who did the “discreet stalking”? LOL. Anyway, it paid off. Now ring’s on the finger and wedding’s on Dec. 30, Nuestra Señora de Gracia Church/The Peninsula Manila.

Now take a peek at their pre-nup and see why I fell. Kudos to their photographer pals Jonas Asistio, Mon Guinto, Ron Cruz, Zoe Ezequiel and Chris Yambing.








For more of these lovely film shots, move over to the website of Chips and Fozzy.


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