Honey invites you

I like people who are brave enough to start something. And I like people who actually pursue what they love. I especially like it when what they do makes another soul happy. Ergo, on all counts, I like Honey. I like what she started; I like her invites designs. So yes, basically, this is a very likable post.

Here’s what the recent bride decided to embark on after her wedding:



For Peter and Ruth, a “match made in heaven,” Honey intricately wove angels into their invites for an interesting but formal look.

For Chris and Juliette, she did a bold classic design — red roses , black borders. How can you possibly go wrong with that combo?

Oooh and my favorite of the lot, this Old Mango Tree invite for Gabriel and Dolores! I swear, their story is the absolute cutest!


From Honey:

The grade school pad paper and drawings suggest Gabriel and Dolores were childhood sweethearts. They met and planned to get married by an old mango tree. The tree witnessed how love blossomed between them so it is in every page.


Honey also did these digital cartoon Save-the-Date and bridal shower invite. Soon she will be offering hand-painted caricatures for invites as well. Coolness.

Honey and Jesse will officially open their shop next month. Their invites start at P60 each set. How’d you like that!

So why is Honey doing this again? Because, she says:

When we were planning our wedding, Jesse (my husband) and I looked for “cheaper” invitations but couldn’t find any that would be perfect for the feel of the wedding we had in mind. We wanted an invitation that would make the guests really, really want to attend even if most of them were from Manila and our wedding was in Tagaytay. We wanted an invite that said “elegant, formal, but fun. An event you can’t miss.” We finally saw one and it cost us almost 20k. So I thought maybe there’s a way to make elegant invites without it straining the couple’s budget. So here we are.


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