Ambi and Erika: From New York, in love

Do I even have to explain why I’m starting my gorgeous weddings series with the work of young Paolo Feliciano? Right side, under Philippine photographers. Yep, our big day is in this guy’s hands. He’s a Pampanga-based interior photographer who started doing weddings only last year. But really, you couldn’t tell. Amazing eye for details!

Anyhoo, without further ado, here’s Paolo’s gorgeous wedding of the year so far: Ambi and Erika. The two met, became best friends and fell in love while doing graduate studies at the NYU. They went home to tie the knot on June 5 at the Santuario de San Antonio Parish in Makati City; reception was at the The Peninsula Manila. Read their story here.

(NOTE: Paolo’s wife Issa was the bride’s grade school/high school best friend and one of the bridesmaids at the wedding. Issa volunteered Paolo’s services as a gift for the couple. I knew it — the way to a photographer’s freebies is through his wife!)



That love is so palpable, it totally melts my heart. J’adore how they adore each other… Then again, who can resist Erika?




Oh those pretty things!



This is it…



paolo7To Ambi and Erika, I’ve never seen two people look at each other the way you do. You make us sigh… Stay in love. 8 )


6 thoughts on “Ambi and Erika: From New York, in love

  1. hi Blanche! i came across your blog because a friend of Ambi happened to see it. thank you for featuring our wedding and telling the world about Pao! he’s such a talented photographer and i’m so glad that issa offered his services hehe 🙂

    i also couldn’t help but keep a big smile plastered on my face while reading your article and going through the pictures. it was such a gorgeous day and i have you to thank for helping us relive it and share it with others. i wish you the best on your wedding as well! it truly is a blessing to fall in love and marry your best friend, so enjoy the adventure! 🙂

    • hi erika! you’re very welcome. I LOVE paolo’s shots of your wedding. and as i’ve told lei, the first thing i noticed about you and ambi was that adoring way you look at each other. in every freakin’ photo. it’s crazy! makes me wanna get married NOW. haha!

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