A tale of two garden weddings

Up next are two very different but equally stunning weddings held in the same place. Over the years, Sonya’s Garden in Buck Estate, Cavite has become one of the most popular wedding venues south of Manila — and for good reason. Healthy food, reasonable rates, the best accommodations around Tagaytay and the feel of a secret garden = dream wedding setting. No wonder two photographers’ gorgeous takes this year were at this place. Redsheep presents Richard and Kaye’s modern wedding; Joey Boquiren reveals something vintage from Von and Jenny.

P.S. The owner of Sonya’s Garden, Tita Sonya — I call her tita because well, she’s my good friend Lei’s aunt and I’ve decided to adopt her because I super love her personal bathroom. LOL — took us on a tour of the garden last year. We ended up in front of an old tree that’s home to a zillion dragonflies at night. I’ll never forget that sight. Lei, thanks again to your cool aunt!)


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