Von and Jenny: Very vintage


See what I mean by “very vintage”?

When I first  saw the stunning photo above from Joey Boquiren website, I knew this was THE vintage wedding that had to be here. Everything, and I mean everything about Von and Jenny’s May 9 wedding was period classy: the bridal car, the bride’s hair and make-up (by Sabs Hernandez), the groom’s slim suit and groomsmen’s uniform necktie, the bride’s headpiece from Etsy… they all just spelled O-L-D.

And who better to cover such an affair than Joey, who has a knack for creating this type of antiqued photos. I have a feeling this guy will be one of the most sought-after wedding photographers someday. He has talent, a down-to-earth attitude and a niche that’s becoming increasingly popular.





Jenny said they weren’t really planning on having a themed wedding but after browsing through a lot of wedding blogs and magazines, she realized she didn’t want “anything cliche.” So they ended up with things vintage. And her favorite of them all?

The bird cage veil specially made by my good friend Gideon Sy. He made the veil four days before my wedding. This is one particular piece of my accessories I’m most proud of because I never thought that I’d be wearing one since most Filipino brides wear long veils.






Von and Jenny, both graphic designers, are now back in Singapore, enjoying a very modern life. Bliss to you both!


10 thoughts on “Von and Jenny: Very vintage

  1. Beautifull!! I uber love vintage! And am so happy that these pics were taken in Sonya’s as it is the same location of our reception.
    Sayang if only I had seen this earlier, I would’ve gotten Joey Boquiren…but its all good. 🙂

    I’m so glad someone like you created a local version of “Style Me Pretty” so we brides-to-be can appreciate more 😉 Kudos!

    Keep it up! 😀

  2. Congrats Von and Jenny!
    Small world tlga, most probably ndi nyo ko kilala.
    Ako ung kasama nyo sa Filipino Dragons. Yung may malaking nunal din.

    Currently inoorganize namin (well mostly si mrs) ung ksal namin ng oct 2010. Sa Hair and Makeup si Pia Reyes din napili nya. Since may direct experience na kyo, anong masasabi nyo sa knya? Irerelay ko kay Misis.

    Thanks in Advance!

    • Elo Jel!

      Haha… Yep kilala ka namin shempre.. sa FDS pa. wow next year na pala wedding nyo. Good luck sa prep. I think yung Hair and make-up ni Jen si Sabs Hernandez. Check ko ulit sa kanya. We can give you contacts of our suppliers after training =).

      Thanks! – von

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