Richard and Kaye: Sweet Valentine

Here’s an equation from Guj Tungpalan, whose Redsheep Photography is one of the emerging favorites in the wedding industry:

One lovely couple + THE wedding date (Feb. 14) + a fresh and cozy preps venue (beautiful natural light) + classic Caleruega + one photogenic reception venue + ubergorgeous people (most of the guests were flight attendants from Emirates) + God’s favor and presence = one ubergorgeous wedding.





Richard and Kaye were married at the Transfiguration Church in Caleruega on Valentine’s day.

These are their gorgeous people… I bet you’d fly Emirates next time (Note: That’s where the bride and her pals work; hence, the gorgeousness  — a requirement)



One thing that made this Valentine affair sweeter for Guj is that his then-fiancee and now-wife Chickoy Vistro, did the bride’s make-up while he happily clicked away.

It was an unforgettable Valentine’s date for us – we spent V-day doing what we loved most (make-up & photography).




Their funny Valentine, sweet funny Valentine… Their looks are laughable but photographable!


Richard and Kaye, you make us smile in our hearts… Congratulations!



4 thoughts on “Richard and Kaye: Sweet Valentine

  1. it’s funny u featured the weddings of my three friends!!! i know the ambi, bon, foti, kaye and chard! but these guys don’t know each other. hehehe. what a coincidence!

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