John shoots John (and Monique)

If you were one of the country’s top wedding photographers, who would you choose to shoot your engagement session?

John Mateos Ong answers: Me.

John, founder of Imagine Nation Photography, married his long-time partner Monique Lopez in Boracay last July. But wait, rewind. May 1: The two were already in Boracay — no, not for the wedding, that is SO early! — for work, according to John (which I suppose means a wedding shoot?). Anyway, since they were there, they went ahead with an engagement session at the Alta Vista de Boracay on the island’s hillsides.

John says:

I’ve got no experience posing for another photographer, my one way plane fare to Boracay cost a ridiculous P7000+ and no way was I spending another 10 grand to fly a photographer in. So we decided to do it on our own… 🙂

In wedding parlance, this is a DIY (see, even suppliers are practical!). Check out the final product:




Pretty cool, huh? And then they start to sizzle…



Okay kids, close your eyes… This is flaming hot. 8 P


And this is just plain sweetness…




I asked John what it was like shooting your own engagement, whether it was hard or it felt funny. Well, apparently not on both counts. From him:

Well… it wasn’t that hard except that the weather wasn’t cooperating (raining) and since we were working while shooting we were pressed for time.  Pero praise God ok naman kinalabasan.

It was better than okay, actually. Waaay better. As only John Mateos Ong can do.



Coming up, their wedding and their story. I don’t know these two personally but the tidbits I got from John on how he and his uber pretty wife got together is enough of a testimony. You’ll know why soon. 8 )


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