John and Rheena: Lord of the Rings

I was holding on to this wedding for a later post, but I’m suffering from a hangover of the LOTR 2: The Two Towers extended version, which I watched last night, so I’m releasing it ahead of schedule. And well, because I just know you’ll fall in love with this wedding and the Arwen-bride.

This is actually the January 2005 wedding of my high school friend Rheena from Stella Maris College and hands-down one of my favorite, favorite affairs ever. Besides the well-thought out gorgeousness of it, my fiance and I are both BIGย  fans of the LOTR trilogy. So imagine my utter delight when I got this Middle Earth map/invitation (left) for Rheena and John’s wedding:


A closer look at their pop-up invite plus the souvenirs. Care to guess what? LOL. Yes, rings.


The wedding was at the Fernwood Gardens in Quezon City, which was transformed into a medieval style setting.



Even the waiters who escorted the couple to the reception were in full LOTR gear.


Meet the bride, Rheena (Guzman, now Evangelista). She wore the Japanese robe as a concession to her beloved grandmother who requested that she wear it (however, off-theme) because all the women in their family who got married wore it for preps.


Now meet “Arwen”


At the Shangrila lobby…


And this is Aragorn, er John, wearing Arwen’s necklace. Rheena had that Arwen necklace even before the wedding (and I have Galadriel’s Ring of Nenya! But that’s so irrelevant here; just proud is all. Teehee!)


A “first look” shoot. Damn beautiful couple!


And this is the part I remember most vividly from their wedding. After almost five years, I can still picture in my head how dramatic the bridal march was. Rheena was first cloaked…


And then…



They had movie posters plastered all over Fernwoods. Did I mention it was a seriously LOTR-themed wedding? 8 )


The hobbitses!


I don’t remember exactly what I wrote on their signature frame, or if I even wrote there, but if I didn’t let me just say again to Rheena and John (who are now based in Chicago): Attending your wedding was like watching the movie — it leaves you in a trance. Massive production, great, real love story.



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