Christmas wedding centerpieces

It’s the start of the -ber months!!! Whoopeeee! I don’t know how to put an emoticon here that’s skipping and doing cartwheels so just imagine me doing some okay? I just get a certain thrill when September comes. It’s like everything else is a breeze after September and before you know it, it’s CHRISTMAS!!!

(But this is about weddings. I promise I’ll get there. )

The other day, my editor asked me to start bringing Christmas into our Life & Style section, so there I was, scouring the web for inspiration when I stumbled on this interior decoration and home design site called Digsdigs and well, pretty much stayed there. It’s my favorite hangout right now. And guess what, for all those peak-season December couples, I found some centerpieces that just might add a touch of Christmas warmth and elegance to your wedding. (See, I got to weddings!)

Here they are, from Digsdigs.



These candles are perfect for a rustic wedding…


Perhaps you can put a Christmas twist on the flowers?



Or dare to be different with these centerpieces that spell both Christmas and class.




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