Brian and Mika: Enormous love

Remember this?


Well, I’m finally telling (after what, 100 posts? Sorry!). These hands belong to Brian and Mika, a couple whose wedding was this year’s “gorgeous pick” so far by the talented David Hanson.

Brian was part of the entourage of David’s previous client, and the photographer remembers him as “one of the pastors who prayed for the groom.”

When finally his time came, Brian met David again at a bridal fair and did his shopping. Same guy shoots two friends’ weddings. Cool. Check out also Brian and Mika’s Ayala Alabang Village prenup here.



I must admit, there’s something about the following photos that evokes a sense of sentimentality. It’s not vintage, it’s definitely not modern, it’s not exactly classic but something’s going on with all the sepia.

I can’t quite put my finger to it, but it’s something I’m getting fond of. You?




Since it was a Christian wedding, the ceremony and reception were held in the same venue — at the Bellevue Hotel in Alabang.




From David:

The ceremony was filled with emotions from start to end.  Tears and wonderful smiles were bountiful… It was a simple wedding.  It truly showed that weddings need not be extravagant to be special… I guess what really made this wedding special was the enormous love it had.




To Brian and Mika, be enormously blessed forever.


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