Filmore and Margaux: Rockin’ goth

Ready for this?


The first time I saw  these pre-nup pictures of Filmore and Margaux, I had goosebumps because they were really pretty goth! Margaux de los Reyes (now Rull) gushed over how great and talented their session photographer Joey Boquiren (of our Very Vintage wedding fame) was as he transformed the seemingly lifeless (no pun intended) La Loma Cemetery and dumpy Escolta into fabulous settings for a photo shoot.

Says Margaux, who works as an administrative associate in Makati:

There were really some beautiful sculptures and carvings there.  I loved that the photos at the cemetery turned out to look dark yet beautiful, sort of like a romantic goth, that it did not turn out to have some cultish, creepy feel to them.  I’d like to flatter myself into thinking that they even gave off some New-Orleans/Anne Rice vibe.




It was Margaux’s idea to have 1920s/flapper, bohemian and goth theme for the shoot but the location ideas came from their photographer. The couple’s initial plan was just to shoot around Intramuros with the old buildings as background but Joey instructed Filmore to drive around the area until they found this graffiti that rocked their ’20s theme.



Now, I’ve met Filmore a few times in gatherings with common friends, who like him were former military officers. He struck me as a shy person but with a huge and easy smile. But  I never thought there was a model inside him who could ham it up for the cameras!

Margaux says:

Aside from discovering na drama king and queen pala kami pareho ni Filmore, hehe, we felt at ease with Joey.  He was very gracious and soft-spoken, and his style was unobtrusive.  There were even moments when I didn’t know that he was shooting already.

The pre-nup photo shoot had little to do with the ‘nup’ part. It was, for me, an opportunity to get dressed, get dolled up and have fun in front of the camera! Lucky for me, the groom went along with my ideas and enjoyed being photographed as much as I did.

Obviously. 8 )



In case you’re wondering where Margaux got her get-up, the answer is — drum roll please — ukay-ukay!

And just when the couple thought they were wrapping up, Joey decides there’s one more place they had to visit — Escolta.Which got the bride thinking:

Ooookaaay, what’s good to see here?  A bunch of guys drinking in the lazy afternoon… street people sleeping by some old building… mess everywhere… stink everywhere…but, ta-da! The streets and Jones Bridge were transformed into a charming setting in Joey’s eyes.



If you find this couple’s pre-nup affair  fun and unusual, wait until you read about their wedding! (Hint: purple shoes!) Coming soon!



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