Free back-up photography by Joey Boquiren


The uber talented Joey Boquiren, who shot this rocking gothic engagement session and this vintage wedding, has decided to give an early Christmas present to THREE couples who are getting hitched this year.

Now what’s under the tree? FREE back-up photography service by no less than Joey himself! Yep, no kidding. This is your chance to win the service of this marvelously gifted photographer without breaking your budget.  You can check his work here.

There’s absolutely no catch. All you have to do is tell us why your wedding will be a unique and gorgeous affair. What sets you apart from all the other couples out there? Are you planning to put an extra special touch to your big day? Spill and win!

The contest is open to all couples who are getting married between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 2009.

Leave your comments with contact information below (priority will be given to those with wedsites). Contest closes on Sept. 27 midnight. Winners will be announced on Sept. 30.

Go girls (and boys)!!!


23 thoughts on “Free back-up photography by Joey Boquiren

  1. Good day Mr. Joey Boquiren! I am Jill Sabalo, a W@Wie. Me and my fiance, Choy Nunez, are getting married on November 7 2009 in the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish followed by reception in Taal Vista in Tagaytay.

    I am so excited about this promo and I believe that what we have planned for our wedding will excite you and your senses! =) Our theme is very simple and elegant — Lace and Fashion. We have incorporated this theme in all aspects of our wedding as this will be seen even in the minutest details. My gown has been generously adorned with yards and yards of lace from tip to tip. Our cake is patterned after our lacy logo. The table arrangements are tastefully decorated with lacy surprises. Even the gift ribbons are made of lace!

    Another unique thing about our wedding is that it is inspired by fashion. As an introduction for the entourage and the couple, a carefully choreographed fashion show is going to take place. Complete with red carpet, follow lights, expertly designed entourage gowns, and pouty lips! (But this is a secret, though. Only the entourage knows about this, as we have planned this to be a surprise.) Even the tables are named after the Fasion Capitals of the World!

    I am very hopeful that we will be one of your very very lucky chosen ones. We will be so thrilled and honored to have you among the ranks of our suppliers.


    Best Regards,

  2. Hi Mr. Joey Boquiren,

    This is Kristine Padilla and I’am also a W@Wie. Our wedding will be held at Caleruega on November 18, 2009, Wednesday. On behalf of my husband to be Francisco Franco, we are very interested with the promo that you are offering.

    Our wedding will be one of the most special moment that we will really treasure. That’s why we want an extraordinary talent of a photographer that would cover each and every single moment.

    Why our wedding should be chosen to be the lucky 3?
    Because we are unique as a couple, so as our wedding itself also.
    We are really preparing for it in such a way that we extend our own efforts and personal touch. Our love for each other will make this event more unique inspired by our parents’ love for each other.

    May you find time to check our wedding website and hoping to be one of your chosen ones. Looking forward that our wedding will be part of your extraordinary talent.

    God Bless you more!
    Kiko & Tine

  3. Hi Kuya Joey. I’m Alizza and im going to marry my classmate, officemate, kumpare, kapitbahay, ka-DoTA at bestfriend/boyfriend-fiance na si Luis Anthony Mistades (LA for short) sa December 11 ngayong taon.

    Napili naming lugar ang San Antonio de Padua Quasi Parish in Silang kasi feel ko yun bukid ambiance dun. Parang Nasugbu, Batangas din dati (my hometown) na may nakakalat pang baka at kalabaw around (kung hahanapin mong mabuti).Well, aside from Patron Saint ni LA si San Antonio (kaya Anthony pangalan ni LA at dun St. Anthony Parish sa San Andres Bukid sya bininyagan), eh St. Anthony de Padua Parish (in San Andres Bukid ulit) kinasal ang parents ni LA.

    Why Tagaytay, para gitna ng Nasugbu at Manila. Fair for all, lahat makakating, at syempre.. romantic at malamig, at mabango, at madaming plants.. at marami pa. Dahil dito rin kami madalas mag stop over ni LA bago pumunta ng Nasugbu para mag coffee at date na rin at the same time.. naks!

    Hmm. Actually, di naman talaga kami totally unique couple kasi iba-iba rin yun at kanya-kanyang “chemistry” na nabubuo depende sa “ingredient and timpla” ng couple na magasasama. What makes us “cute” eh yun fact na lagi na lang kaming napapagkamalan na kambal. Yup, kamukha ko si LA! Kahit dad nya before, nung.. ehem.. payat pa ko (tumaba lang naman ako ng konti), at naka cap at sweatshirt ako nun, napagkamalan na ako si LA. hehe.. Plus yun nga, dami naming things in common. Sya behave mag drive, ako yung nang-aaway sa passenger seat. Sya yung tumatawa ng tahimik, ako umiiyak na sa katatawa. Sya gising na gising pag naglalaro ng pc games, ako nakakatulugan ko yun restaurant city sa facebook. Ayan, mga ganyang bagay.

    As for our wedding, hmmm… ah..madami dyan eh nadaan namin sa connections.. hehe. Like our driver and chauffeur is my former boss and his writer gf. Naghahanap na nga sila ng uniform eh. Si Sir Aries taga bukas ko ng pinto, si Ate Tessa ang driver. Humiram sila ng Chrysler 300c kasi yun ang aming “Stephen’s Car” (see wedsite why we called it that way). Nung siniko ako ni Ate Tessa na tuloy na tuloy na yun “astig bridal car namin” sabi ko sa kanya, “does it come in black?”, aba sabi ba naman, naku leng.. pababayarin ka namin nyan sa susunod! Bwahaha! Kaya nga special request ko sa photog namin na wag ang di kukunan ang ang chauffeurs kasi bukod sa special sila sa min, fe-feature nila sa motoring section ng PDI yung aming bridal car.

    Host namin, (I still have to ask him though), is our desk editor in Libre (LRT and MRT newspaper) para super kwela. Sana nga, libre din sya. hehe.

    Our reception venue, we are planning to maximize the rustic and romantic ambiance of Moon Garden. Kaya more flowers and all naturals yun gagawin deco ni Ms. Kaye (K by Cunanan). Napili namin ang Moon kasi we’re both artist in PDI, and its the perfect place to describe us. Dami kasi paintings, crafts and furnitures, plus Bali inspired architecture.

    Also, my fellow w@wies know about them, ang bida sa aming wedsite and we are incorporating the “makulit at madaldal na berries” sa aming wedding theme which is “GAME OVER”. Game over kasi, game over ka na LA sa DoTA! Nahhh..joke lang. Magiging solid sentinel or scourge team na nga kami lalo after the wedding eh.. hehe

    Ento gowns. PRINTED!!!! ayaw ko sana nun plain na tafetta fabric na makislap. Gusto ko PRINTED! Hey, gustong gusto ng mga bridesmaid ko yun sketch ko sa gown nila ha? Just crossing fingers na makahanap kami ni Tita Nancy ng perfect fabric na chocolate brown and white abstract fabric print na di makislap. Sa totoo lang, ninerbyos si LA sa plan kong eto.

    Florist, tito ko. Cake supplier, yun isa tito ko na kukuhanin ko ring ninong. Invites, DIY. Wedding gown designer, my dear friend Joey Samson.

    My MoH, is my bestfriend and my kuya’s wife. To be honest, they are not in good terms and been separated for years now. I decided to have her as my MoH because she’s been my ate and my bestfriend when they are still together. And I treasured those times so much, until now. Plus i missed my pamangkins so much. Di pa sila naglalakad nung huli ko sila makita at ngayon, ang lalaki na nila! And our wedding will be very special cause my two pamangkins will be my ring bearer and flower girl. I’m just hoping that my wedding will bridge all the gaps between all of us and just forget everything that happened before. Start anew. Not just for me and LA, but for the whole family as well.

    Basically, to make the story short, our wedding is a collaboration of all those important people around us. Who are witnesses of how LA and I shared our happy six years together as couple, and now that we are finally tying the knot and inviting them to witness our vows to be husband and wife, finally.. mababasa na nila yung monetary request namin included sa invite at makakatulong na sila sa pagpapatayo ng aming little dream house sa santa rosa na hinulugan namin ng tatlong taon which is the reason why naubos yun budget namin sa wedding. hehe.

    Love you bebi!

  4. Hi Mr. Joey

    I’m intrested on your promo and so excited about this, our wedding will be held on December 29, 2009 on Santuario del Sto. Cristo and West Greenhills Clubhouse. Though I know that December is on of the busiest month for marriage, I still hope you will be free on my wedding date.
    How can I prove that our wedding is unique? Of course by describing first our love story, it all started on Friendster, where we met. He added me simply because I posted a photo of a girl who he thought he knew which in fact belongs to one of the FHM models. We statred chatting for a while and when I needed someone to help me with school work, he literally volunteered to help me get stuff from sponsors for our socialization at Mental Hospital. That’s how we initially met and from there we started dating every weekend. Well of course fell in love with each other and had a fruitful relationship until on our 3rd year, he asked me if i wanted to get married, of course I said yes but it seemes that I was not ready at that time, a lot of obstacles took a toll to our relationship which made us decide to end it after 4 years of being together and no wedding preps started. It was heartwrecking, we tried to move on but it seems that destiny really has a plan for us. A lot of events made us see each other often even if we wanted to go on on our separate lives. Maybe God really wanted to make us realize that we already found your soulmate and breaking up only made us see the importance of each other. Until, we understood God’s plan for us and we went back on each others arms. It was like going back from the start but things will be different. We will be more mature and wiser that before. It was one of the greatest decision we both had and now were going back again with or wedding preparation and this time were finishing it until the end. We hope that you could see and share with us the love that was brewing for 5 years.
    What’s special about our wedding day? It was the fact that it was prepared with so much love and one year of canvassing the right people who will be part of this very special occassion. A fruity theme incorporated on Baby Pink and Celadon Green colors which was colaborated with our own style and chemistry as a couple. Its a simple wedding but the aura of the people who made this happen is a must to see on wedding pictures.And finally we wanted to share the joy with all the people around us and make them realize that there really is a happy ending not just in fairy tales.

    God Bless and more clients to come

    For Blogs on wedding Preps:

    Cathy & Ryan

  5. Dear Mr. Joey Boquiren,

    I have nothing much to say about our wedding. I just felt like all other weddings are created unique in their own ways, and Ours is no difference.

    Me and Eugene are 2 entirely different creatures (exactly running different lives). While I enjoy reading overly anesthetic thick medical books, he enjoys playing with his computer doing all nonsense art hardwares. While I enjoy staying late up at night or should I say until early morning, he needs to have a complete 8-10 hours sleep. While I love to do things all at the same time, he’d prefer to do it one at a time. See how entirely different we are, but that’s what makes us love each other more and more everyday.

    We are getting married on the 5th of December, 2009 at Santuario de San Antonio, Makati. We decided to go on a Hollywood movie themed wedding. We will have a glamorous night teeming with important people who took part in our honing as to what we are now. We chose the Main Lounge of the Manila Polo Club to further our celebration. We decided to have a production number at the start of the event, and we lifted our inspiration from the opening number of Hugh Jackman at the 2009 Oscar Awards. We will be posting movie posters right at the doorway of the hall. Posters that will practically be showcasing past movies we have seen and adored together. I specifically told the event stylist to put on a red carpet right at the entrance of the hall and instead of table numbers we opted to use the titles of the movies we love as the table designation. We do have a photobooth right at the entrance of the hall more of the paparazzi effect so that everyone can get a feel of what its like to be in a real oscar’s night.

    Though, the most important part of this wedding, is that I am marrying not the man of my dreams…but the MAN who made me stop dreaming and start making things come true.

    Wilsie Salas

  6. hello sis,

    Here is the reason why our wedding will be a unique and gorgeous…

    Me and my h2b known each other for more than a year. We are part of w@w for a year now to prepare for this wedding of ours. This is the first time in my side(b2b) that my family will not shoulder anything but the couple will. So in connection with this we are trying our best to limit our budget but at the same time make this day very special and unique. We’ll be married once, that’s why will make the best out of it.

    What sets you apart from all the other couples out there?

    We really not that different from other couple but because every couple have different love story to share maybe that sets us apart other.

    We meet through common friends. He likes me and i don’t. He simply not my type. I ask him before to accompany me to baclaran for a novina, he didn’t even think twice. I’m praying the novina because my ninang(auntie) ask me to continue the novina she started for me, she was praying for the work that i eventually have. When i’m thanking God for the Urgent response to my auntie’s prayer, he on the other side asking God for me to see what he really feels for me. On the 9th day, i realize that he is the person that God want me to have and keep for the rest of my life..

    When we were interviewed in Binondo Church were our wedding will be held by the priest(i don’t remember his name), he even believed that or relationship has God blessing since the begining.:D

    What we plan to put an extra special touch to your big day?

    Our motif was PLUM and MAT GOLD (very vintage like, we personally love those colors)… at the cocktail area there will be a photo gallery, 3pcs 16×20 canvas and will also display there our prenup shots..

    On the church itself, i want to put some special touch on my wedding.. i’ve read it once, forgot were. On my wedding march when i reach the front where my h2b is, i’ll take some flowers from my bouquet then give to my h2b mother and i’ll kiss my father and give him the flowers for my mother, i think that will be so special not only for me but for them also.

    For the reception, we are preparing a avp-parents tribute.. and our very special dance number, we will be dancing with the tune of dirty dancing,nobody and some michael jackson songs. From my long gown it will turn short(hope the couturier will make it right)… i’m so excited for this special number.. Our reception venue was overlooking intramuros, manila city hall and jones bridge and since it’s christmas season it will filled with lots of street light. Hope it will be good ambiance.

    Hope everybody that was a part of that day will feel what we truly feel for each other..

    written by:

    Maria Concepcion M. Sunga(Bride2Be)
    Wedding Date&Time: Dec. 19, 2009/4pm
    Church/Reception Venue: Binondo Church/WTE-RF
    website: (not updated)

  7. Dear Mr. Joey Boquiren,

    I’m Ma. Angelica Cavas, a w@wie and a December 30, 2009 bride. My husband (as we are already civilly married) and I are very enthusiastic with your promo and are really hopeful to be chosen as one of the three lucky couples given that like other couples, we consider our Church Wedding, which will be held at Fernbrook Gardens, as one of our dreams come true, but would be very exceptional because of our 4-year old daughter, who will be our loving witness, little bride and hopefully ring presenter during the blessing of the rings (hopefully, as we are still on the process of orienting her on what she shall do :-). With that, we want the best that we could have on that particular day and that includes having you, if we would be given the opportunity to have you as one of our suppliers.

    We cannot brag our wedding in terms of grandiosity, however, we feel it is worth unveiling as a unique and gorgeous affair because our love, our story, my husband and I as a couple, our family and guests who will be there are already extraordinary in its truest sense.

    Physical aspect-wise, personal efforts have been exerted by me and my husband to exude the “all about us” moment which will be emanated through the tables named after the places that have been special to us conveying the soft spot we have when it comes to traveling, through the blank tickets (that will be a special surprise for our guests) denoting our fondness to spend time in Timezone and watch movies, and through our measuring spoons as souvenirs and personalized table napkins indicating our keenness to dine out. While radiating such particulars, simultaneously, we are integrating the vintage romantic theme by incorporating touch of happy red and antiquity in every detail possible, from our aged arrhae holder, classic bridal car, wax-sealed and laced invitations, old-fashioned candlelabras, quill pens, entourage outfits, down to the table name holders and placecard frames in gold.

    Apart from the above details, we have also planned a special production number as a creative way of introducing the entourage and the couple, accompanied by music from the 70s to 80s era.

    What sets us apart from the other couples is our dedication to make our wedding a memorable one not only for us but for our guests as well, sharing the distinctiveness of the years we have spent together, i.e. 10 years t be exact, and with that, it would really a special honor to have a talented photographer like you who have linking to vintage wedding as well, capture the uniqueness of our special day.

    We so much love your style and we’d love to share our wedding with you. We hope we would be fortunate enough to be given the chance to do such and be one of the lucky couples. In the meantime, we would appreciate your checking our wedsite in the hope that you’ll find more interesting details.

    Thank you so much and God Bless!

    Maan ni King
    Notre Dame De Vie/ Fernbrook Gardens
    contact number: 09225745193

  8. Dear Sir Joey,

    For me wedding is really an auspicious occassion, every bride has this extraordinary charm, it will definitely show in their wedding itself.

    What makes it distinctive? An event organizer will be the one on the spotlight for the first time, an engineer who always construct a house will now builds a home, a couple that never experience having a grandious affair in their whole existence. Bonnie and I is a husband and wife with babybea on the side. This will be the first time that we’ll get married, an excited that we are, because we’re doing it not only for us, but also for our daughter, babybea will be my mini-me, we have the same gown, same head piece, same shoes and etc.

    Our wedding will commence in the walled city of manila on December 28 this year at grand Manila Cathedral and lovely Patio Victoria, as people notice that Intramuros is for vintagey style, we mixed it up with fun and fab theme to complement and highlight our personality, a polkadot theme, this might not be a usual theme for pinoy weddings, but I dare to be different, an out-of-the-box theme to show the world that a wedding should be inspired by the couples personality. You will see a lot of polkadot details from head fascinator, boutonierre down to ring pillows. The reception will be fun, fab and relax, there will be a games like “spot the polkadot” a guest who wears polkadot will receive a prize. We twisted the program, intertwining the contemporary modern and traditions, changing the whole scenario to make it suit in our own individuality.

    Experience our theme, let us spread the fun and not stiff pinoy wedding style. An indeed enjoyable to attend to. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity.

    mla cathedral / patio victoria
    no. 1 –
    no. 2 –
    personal-blog-turned-to-wedding-blog-for-all –
    ( finally !)

    contact no. 09228950170

  9. Dear Mr. Joey Boquiren,

    I’m a abe and a w@wie…we’re getting married this october 3, 2009 at Mary the Queen and the reception will be held at North Greenhills Clubhouse. I am happy that you’re having your early christmas gift for couple’s getting married from oct -december 2009.

    I can say that every weddings are unique and for us the reason that it’s one of kind its because despite that my hubby is working abroad and I am the only one responsible for preparing our wedding , we’re still excited and can’t wait for our Big Day… October is the month that we started our relationship, though it was hard at first because we have different faith,we fought, we struggled but because we believe in each other …and through prayers we made it … I am a marian devotee and our wedding falls on a First Saturday and blessing in disguise that we had different churches we scouted and a church was already booked but for some reason i dont know or perhaps through the intervention of Blessed Mother, we came across Mary the Queen .We didnt have any hard time processing our requirements in MTQ considering that we booked the church a year before in which hubby only had his 2 week vacation to booked the church and the venue, had our interview with the parish priest and all .and after that he’ll be coming home a week before the wedding…
    We hope we could be one of the lucky 3 as it will make our wedding more special. It will be more meanigful, especially capturing all important details on our wedding…

    More power and Gobless…

    abe and tim
    MTQ/North Greenhills

    contact details:

  10. Hi Mr. Joey,

    Why our wedding is unique? I believe all weddings are unique since its a union of two unique persons (hahaha puro unique)..
    But seriously, we plan everything even though we’re thousand miles away from home. Both of us are working here in Singapore but we wanted to make our wedding more personal. You can check our wedsite for all our DIY projects ( under photo galleries). We scouted our suppliers via internet and referrals from wedding at works community. Aside from that this is the first time that our relatives will experience a formal event (most of them will come in different provinces)

    We will be getting married on October 17, 2009 in the historical Barasoain Church. Reception will be at The Cabanas Grand Pavillion.

    Here’s our contact details

    Name: Escie bossing ni Rudy (Escie Santos)
    Contact no: +6597267690

    Hope to meet you in person.. God bless..

    Proud w@wie,
    Escie bossing ni Rudy

  11. Since we were both reporters before, our wedding from the invite down to our ice carving will showcase just where we met- and how we became a couple. We are newsmen, media men, and our wedding will be “news” worthy in every way. =)

    It’s a wedding planned since my birthday last year, June 17… one and a half years to be exact. A wedding that may not be perfect on that day itself because of expected glitches, but special and one of a kind because it’s a wedding of two good friends– who eventually ended up marrying each other.

    It will be unique not because of the theme or the motif or the set-up at the church and the reception, but because it is us that are tying the knot. It will be special because we will profess our love to each other in front of all our friends and families, who have supported us all these years. It will be unique because we are marrying the loves of our lives.

    It will be unique, and I hope your expert talent can capture every happy, tearful and lovefull moment. 🙂

    Lia Manalac
    Wedding: December 12, 2009 (Saturday)
    Where: St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Parish (Magallanes Church)
    Reception: Manila Peninsula Hotel

  12. A friend once told me that the best way to treat your partner is to be a good friend to him. This has been my personal mantra since Jerwin and I started our relationship.

    Jerwin is my best friend, my punching bag in my times of distress, my sounding board for all my hopes and dreams, my pillar of strength in my times of weakness. We fight a lot, but we have fun together. We look at each other and know what the other is thinking without speaking.

    Our wedding is on October 25, 2009. And as I once said, I will never get married — not unless the man is Jerwin.

    We have no elaborate wedding plans. In fact, our reception program does not even include a first dance. The only guiding principle we hold on to in all our wedding decisions is that our personalities and our love for each other are reflected through the little details of the event — and that the everyone involved would be showered and blessed with the wonderful feeling of contentment and joy — something we feel the world needs more of today.

    Because we have treated each other as good a friend we would have treated our own selves to, we have built a solid foundation for the One person we will become when we proclaim our wedding vows.

    We could not wait to begin our life together, to have each other close by for the rest of our lives. The wedding will be the first day of that dream — and for us, this is what makes our wedding unique.

    Kim Lee

  13. Consider this entry a props to someone who has loved weddings all her life. The bride has counseled a dozen or more would-be couples on their weddings preps long before “wedding planner” became a legitimate profession. She has emceed a dozen, sang in a few and tossed countless of rice grains and rose petals over the smiling faces of eager newly-weds on their way out of the church. She has a mean collection of wedding giveaways to boot. Now, it’s her turn to walk down the aisle and she has made sure that every tiny detail has been covered and planned to perfection…all this on her own (without much help from the internet even!).

    Aside from the bride’s love for weddings, this ceremony is a living testament to what loving against all odds means. It is the re-tying of a knot that has grown stronger through countless tugs from both sides of the string. These tugs, people often thought would finally unravel the knot and cut the string in half. But this couple prevailed, against all odds, and remained true to the promise they made 25 years ago. Theirs is a story of understanding beyond reason, acceptance of imperfections and standing by each other no matter how great the challenges are.

    So on December 20th, 2009,at the CCTN Chapel in Cebu, my mom and her husband will stand before the altar once again to renew their vows with close family members and friends by their sides. Friends (some of them couples whose wedding my mom helped prepare) are working on the sidelines to make this day special.

    Though all details seems to be on covered ground, I know that getting a talented photographer to capture this moment would spell the difference between perfect and perfectly memorable.

    Couple: Irene and Efren
    Date: December 20, 2009
    Venue: CCTN Chapel, Cebu City
    Reception: EcoTech Center, Cebu City

  14. Hi Joey,

    Im Bhey, the bride and my groom is Cholo,’we’re turning 12 years next month together as bf/gf, (pero ngayon hubby ko na sya since we get married civil lang nung May 09 for papers purposes, but we still celebrate our anniversary as bf/gf) Ngayon ko lang napasin na 12 years na kami and we’re getting married sa church on 12.12.09, wala lang tuwa lang ako kasi panay 12. Mangyayari ang lahat ng ito sa makasaysyang simbahan ng Bamboo Organ.

    Our wedding naman is not so unique compare to other couple, coz i believe every couple is trying their best to make their BIG DAY a memorable and unique one.As for us, this will be the memorable and gorgeous wedding na mangyayari kasi despite of mga napagdaanan namin ni hubby ko we’re still here holding each other. And we never thought na we gonna have this grand wedding. Yes, grand wedding kasi samin grande na to kahit simple lang!!

    Will be having a movie theme, from the save the dates we will send a trailer video to our friends, for the invites we will be having a movie house type of invitation with a director clapper board as envelope. Sa table nos. naman not the usual table nos. papalitan namin sya ng mga posters ng movie pero di basta basta poster, papalitan din namin yung mga face ng bida ng face namin. Sa cake, ang cake topper namin is 2 director chair. And a lot of ideas waiting pa.

    Gusto namin to kasi we want a cool wedding na magiging masaya ang lahat.

    Thank you,

    Cholo and Bhey
    December 12, 2009
    Parish of St. Joseph/SJ Hall
    roaming no. 9194354206

  15. Kamusta po kayo Sir Joey? Nawa’y nasa mabuti po kayong kalagayan. Kami naman po ng aking kabiyak ay mabuti naman at nasa kalagitnaan na rin po kami sa paghahanda para sa aming pagiisang dibdib sa darating na ika-amin ng Disyembre taon dalawanlibo at siyam (Dis. 6, 2009) sa Santisimo Rosario Parish (Simbahan ng UST).

    Ako po ay si Gg. Mark Anthony Morfe, ng San Pedro, Laguna na ikakasal sa aking pinakamaganda, at pinakamaunawaing kabiyak na si Bb Gina Ramos ng Sampaloc Manila. Matagal na rin po kaming magkakilala (mula pa noong 2002-2003) at nagumpisa ang aming pagkakaibigan sa pamamagitan ng internet (mirc). Mga halos apat na taon din po kaming nagkakausap sa “chat” bago po namin nakita ang isat-isa sa personal (August 10, 2006) at maging magkasintahan ng tatlong taon (mula Setyembre 8, 2006 hanggang ngayon).

    Batid kong madami rin po ang lumahok at nagbabakasakaling manalo sa inyong patimpalak na ito sa pamamagitan ng paglalahad kung bakit naiiba sila sa mga magkasintahan na gusto ring manalo. Lahat naman po ng ikakasal sa anumang taon ay naiiba sa kani-kanilang paraan. Lahat naman po tayo ay gusto natin maging maganda ang araw ng ating pagiisang dibdib sa ating minamahal na kabiyak.

    Ang aming araw ng pagiisang dibdib ay magiging makahulugan sa pagdating ng mga panauhin na masusi naming pinili base sa importansya nila sa buhay namin bilang magkasintahan. Hindi sa laki ng halaga na gagastusin o sa kung anu-anung palamuting maiisipan magiging angat ang aming pagiisang dibdib, kundi ang aming wagas na pagmamahal para sa isa’t-isa (lahat naman siguro, yan din ang naiisip).

    Maaring isa rin po ito sa mga dahilan kung bakit naiiba ang aming kasal pero lahat naman ng ikakasal ay naiiba sa kani-kanilang paraan. Kami pong dalawa ni Gina ang masusuing naghahanda para sa araw na ito dahil gusto namin na hindi malilimutan ng lahat ng makakasaksi sa araw na ito kung pano namin ihayag sa isa’t-isa ang aming pagmamahalan sa harap ng Diyos sa hirap at ginhawa.

    Muli, maraming salamat po sa pagkakaroon ng patimpalak na kagaya nito


    Name: Mark Anthony Morfe
    Contact no: +639052759475

    SRP/RMCH (for blogs, and preps) (for albums)

  16. Hi,

    Though it’s late already, I just want to share that my Alton and I will be having on December 23, 2009.

    Every single detail of the preparation is being documented in our own personal website. Even the history of our love affair is also there.

    Just see it yourself.

    God bless to everybody especially those who are getting into the married life. 🙂

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