M&M bridal headbands

Matthew and Melka’s site was one of the first online shops I stumbled upon when I started browsing for headpieces for me and my bridesmaids. I’ve been semi-stalking the shop since and I’m so proud of the people behind it because they keep coming up with headpieces that are comparable to the bold headbands making waves in the U.S. today. True, M&M’s pieces are not exactly easy on the pocket, pegged at P750-950 per piece. But hey, you get what you pay for, right? (And they do give discounts for “bulk” — meaning 5 or more — orders)

M&M comes up with a bridal collection twice a year and does not make the same piece twice. The stuff here are from the first album of 2009. The second set should be coming out anytime soon. For now, enjoy these heady pieces!





Perfect for Grecian weddings:


And my personal fave… Lace just melts my heart! I wonder what a pink version of this would look like…



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