Alohandmade headbands

Confession: I’m an online window-shopping addict and I’m crazy about things handmade. Which is why Etsy is like Disneyland to me. It was in one of my forays there that I found  My Vintage Lolita. I went giddy when I saw that the seller was based in Metro Manila (my mind already calculating what would be shaved off the shipping cost) and immediately went over to her Multiply shop (NOTE: The same items are priced lower on her Multiply because, she said, they’re meant for Filipino buyers. Her pieces are pegged at P350-P2,500, depending on the fabric used.)

These are her latest pieces, the first two inspired by the very glamorous but very expensive Jennifer Behr collection for brides.



Ana Largado, the girl behind these handmade headbands, started the business in September 2008 after quitting her day job as customer service representative to pursue her passion, which is making these pretty things. Her style ranges from dreamy to vintage to hippie…





She also does custom pieces, so if there’s anything you see on Etsy that you like but want to save on shipping cost, you might want to ask if she can make a similar one for you. 8 )


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