How to help typhoon victims

First, hugs to those whose weddings were canceled due to the typhoon. That must be a nightmare after all those months of preps. BUT if your families are safe, then count yourself blessed. My deepest condolences go to those who have lost their loved-ones and their homes in this typhoon.

As I write this, thousands are still stranded, cold and hungry, and probably losing hope. Please, let’s not abandon them. Help in whatever way you can. It does not have to be something big. Every good deed counts at this time. My sisters in Cavite are making sandwiches and preparing stuff to bring to their friends who are still in the flooded areas. I am forwarding names and addresses of stranded families in Metro Manila to my media friends to refer to authorities. The Filipino community here in Hong Kong is also organizing relief efforts.

Our church, Victory Christian Fellowship has been tirelessly and efficiently extending help as well. I would like to do my part by sharing their work and the needs that have yet to be met.


Those who want to donate cash through Victory, you will find details here. Those who wish to give food, water, clothes, toiletries or simply give your time as a volunteer, please check this. You can also visit Victory’s Facebook page

If you have loved-ones who are still stranded or trapped in flooded areas, you can find the contact numbers of government offices, organizations and individuals that are involved in rescue operations here.

Above all, let us pray unceasingly for our people. God hears us.


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