For your foreheads

I’m trying to ignore the fact that I’ve been remiss in blogging for exactly 14 days before doing Rochelle and Denis’ anniversary post — but I can’t. I’d like to excuse my online absence by regaling you with stories of how I got busy with my actual (paying) job and at the same time remembered I had my own wedding to plan — but I won’t. So just forgive me. If I were a grade schooler, I would punish myself by writing, 100 times: I will never neglect blogging again. I will never neglect blogging again…

But hey, my grade school days are a galaxy away in time and space is precious. So I’ll just pick up where I left off with my headband addiction phase and show you these cool forehead bands — named because, yes, they can be worn on the forehead — for your consideration.

The Royalty Shop has some of the cutest, most affordable forehead bands I’ve come across — with a celebrity guide on the many ways to wear it:


Check these out from TRS:



Take a close look at this knotted forehead band from Glambands. For your bridesmaids maybe?


And from Alohandmade, aptly called knot-all-the-way. For a more casual, bohemian affair:



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