Ton and Faye: In between typhoons

Even under the threat of a typhoon…


… the show, er, wedding, must go on. So it did 8 )


This is the story of Gerard Anthony Naval and Ma. Vanessa Faye Tobias, two Manila-based reporters, whose wedding fell on Oct. 3, just as the disastrous Typhoon Ondoy exited Metro Manila and the equally devastating Typhoon Pepeng prepared to make a grand entrance.

Faye had wanted to postpone the wedding, freaked out by weather reports from media friends, but her mother and groom convinced her to walk down the aisle of St. Peter Parish, Quezon City as scheduled.




A day before the wedding, the couple decided to move their reception from La Mesa Ecopark to the Filinvest 1 Clubhouse in anticipation of heavy rain, although there was only a drizzle on their actual wedding day.

From Faye:

We didn’t get the dream garden wedding, but it was just as good… The hardest part was calling the suppliers for the change of venue… Imagine nasa kotse ako frantically calling my caterer…etc, etc sa cellphone na breaking ang signal imbes na nasa hotel at nagre-relax… I was really really really tensed! Nakakaloka!

On the way to the church, Faye received a call from one of her bridesmaids saying her cake was “naliligaw” and was on its way to Ecopark instead of the clubhouse. The bride, all dolled up, had to call the supplier, hollering instructions.

At that point, naging bridezilla ako. Well, nadala naman sa venue on time. hehehe..and they said sorry naman.

And that was not all. Instead of having some spectacular flowers as planned, the bride ended up with white roses for her bouquet because the rains had ruined Metro Manila’s s flowers.

Looking at these photos of a playful bride, you’d never guess she was capable of being a bridezilla. LOL. Then again, a bride’s gotta do what a bride’s gotta do.




As always, a calm groom…



These photos, by the way, are all courtesy of Beyond Digital, a spanking new hudband-and-wife team of Wally and Ge-Ann Magno, who, after years of love affair with their DSLR have ventured into the real thing.





And what did they get from this whole experience? Faye says simply:

Our wedding made me think, kahit anong bagyo ang dumating sa amin, kayang-kaya namin!! Oh, did i mention? Binagyo ni Pepeng ang honeymoon namin sa Baguio!

Looking at their photos, I bet they’d be riding out all other storms.



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