Banquet rates

A w@wie shared this link to a fellow bride who was looking for a clubhouse for her reception. And now I’m posting it here for (a more) public consumption.

The Banquet Specialty Shoppe Inc. has a list of places that offer a complete reception package. Those who are canvassing for a venue in Quezon City, click here. Those who are interested in the Pasig/ San Juan/Mandaluyong area, check this. If you want to check any of the Makati hotels, here is the link. Manila/Pasay also a lot of venues and packages to choose from. For the south-bound couple, here’s your list.

The site’s Alabang/TagaytayBatangas list is actually too short considering the area is a big hit for weddings. But well, it’s a start. At the very least, the site gives a general idea of the going rates for reception venues all over Metro Manila so you won’t have to e-mail every hotel and restaurant in the region.

Hope this helps those who are still out searching for a place to greet their guests and Mr. and Mrs. 8 ) I know how tough that part of the prep is, so good luck!


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