A bride who shoots

I know this blog is supposed to be about real, gorgeous PHILIPPINE weddings. But hey, there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule, right? Besides, this is real and gorgeous, and well, the bride is a Filipina who will be getting married in the Philippines July next year. So I guess that counts no? Anyway, whatever, I’m breaking the rule. This time only… I think. 8 )

Josephine Sicad is a Cebuana who has been living in Singapore for over a year now and has been tinkering with her Nikon for only nine months (though you’d never guess!). I first saw her work on Rock ‘n Roll Bride and thought the name sounded Pinoy. Well what do you know, she is a rocking Pinay.

Here’s her DIY engagement shoot with husband Radney Brian Minerva, taken last June in random parks and places in Singapore. Who would ever think these were thanks-to-the-tripod-and-timer kind of photos?






And yeah, they got civilly married on July 28 in Singapore…



Josephine has also shot other couples… yes, still in the Lion City. Like this Lovers’ Day Out shoot with Yvon and Moyo, a retelling of a regular day in the lives of regular people:





And this sweet, sweet post-nup with Jeandy and Nino two years into their marriage:




If you still haven’t gotten enough of this talented lady, here’s her Flickr site. Josephine just might save some fellow Pinay brides in Singapore huge bucks for having to fly in Filipino photographers to shoot their engagements and weddings. Guys, you got one in your own backyard. Just holler! (I did, and I’m from Hong Kong! Wink, wink!)


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