DIY: Centerpiece candle holder

I am not a DIY person. I have resolved that long before I became a bride. I almost always nearly failed Home Ec. I would swap sewing projects for an elegy composition assignment in high school (My classmates got good grades in their English homework and and I got a fully made skirt in return. Fair enough.)

Obviously, Ivy who is marrying Paolo is NOT like me at all. She made these lamps/candle holders as centerpieces for her wedding. All 18 pieces of them. Amazing. Although she insists it wasn’t all that hard… Oh well, you guys might want to try. If you’re not like me, then you can hack this:




1) First, decide on a design for your lamp/candle holder (In Ivy’s case, their theme is damask so she printed this design on the vellum paper that was used).  Paste the ends of your vellum paper to form a cylindrical shape.  The diameter should fit your candle holder.


2) Accessorize by putting ribbons to cover the white margin and other areas that lack design. You can put tassels, beads, crystal, whatever works for you.


3) Place the vellum paper on the candleholder. You can use battery-operated lights or candles. If you’re using the latter, use wires to secure your vellum paper.  (Ivy says she read somewhere that a coating of shellac works but she did not try it on this one).


4) Turn it on or light it up and voila! Here you go…



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