Fashion-editorialized engagements

In this day and age of themed everything — weddings, pre-nups, parties,  personalities (LOL) — only the dead have no concept to speak of. Everyone, and I mean EVERY. BREATHING. ONE. has some idea of some event in her mind (I use her because, face it, brides are the ones who do most of the thinking in weddings. Peace men!). Few, however, actually manage to pull it off. Most just end up trying hard (so sue me for honesty!)

(TIP: Read to the end for a gift!)

Zarah and Dan, on the other hand, not only pulled off their themed engagement shoot. Their smoking Moulin Rouge pre-nup was hotter than 10,000 mashed chilis! You look at their photos and you know that this couple can-can-can!!! What’s their secret? Well, let’s just say, a guy named Rene Gaviola, past winner of the Prix dela Photographie Paris, who, by the way, also shot these:


(I swear, I wish I were the one on this picture. This is what a thousand words is made of. My favorite bridal portrait.)

CLAIRE & GERRY: Filipiniana

LEA & RHETT: Romance in the (Nike) Air


CHA & RYAN: Fully Booked

How Harry Potter is this next one?

And another from Zarah and Dan’s Moulin Rouge set:

So, green with e-n-v-y yet? Imagining yourself now in one of these portraits? (I know I am!) Well, good for you because Rene here, the man behind the lens, has caught on the Christmas spirit and decided to offer moonsnjunes readers — for a very limited time only — his engagement shoot + back-up photography package for only P20,000. That’s, let’s see, P 15,000 less than his usual rate? I’m not a reliable mathematician, but I know — and I say this with confidence, LOL —  that this offer translates to almost half of the total cost. HUGE thing.

This generous spirit expires with 2009. So shoot him an email at before the fireworks light up the 2010 sky!


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