Fingerprinted wedding rings

So you want a really personalized wedding ring? Take your fingerprints and send them to Brent and Jessica Williams of Fabuluster, a jewelry shop I stumbled upon on Etsy in one of my hours-long foray into the world of online window-shopping.

This is what they can come up with — in 18K white gold (and it’s really growing on me…) :

Or this pair in sterling silver:

Or this pair with text:

How does this happen? Well, they send you their Impression Kit which you will use to get your and/or your fiance’s fingerprints separately. You mail the packet back to them in Maine and they will use it to make a wax form from the impression material. And with the “ancient lost wax casting process” those impressions, mixed with gold or silver, turn into these unique little things:

How much more personalized can you get?


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