Better late than never, so… HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!


May your 2010 burst with color and surprises and passion and adventure! Nothing makes me feel quite like a new year. It’s just one fresh bundle of everything! And I thank God for always, always giving us a chance to start over.

So I realize I have — again — been absent from the blog for weeks! Forgive me. The last quarter of 2009 was such a b—ch as far as work was concerned; I had gray hair and pimples growing all over me. Then I went home to the Philippines to unwind with family and friends, and you know how it is when you’re a bakasyonista with a few days to spare ( and at Christmas!): you hardly ever get in the WWW! (Plus the connection at home really sucks and the nearby Internet shop is one crazy, smelly pit of video boys).

But I’m back in my Hong Kong home now. After all the rides I’ve taken to get here (plane, train/bus and ferry), I’ve come up with my to-do-with-moonsnjunes list:

1) Feature more destination weddings and engagement sessions. The Philippines has 7,107 islands, and it only makes sense that we go out there and pick up gorgeous happenings in the other 7,106 venues outside Metro Manila.

2) While we’re at it, let’s go waaaay out. I am now opening the blog to wedding and engagement shoots outside the Philippines, provided that these are done by Filipino photographers and videographers (Hobbyists are welcome, too, as long as the talent is indisputable).

3) Make a roster of exposure-worthy designers. I’m amazed at how many young, super talented ones have not been discovered yet by Pinoy brides.

4) Immerse in Multiply and Etsy, and share fab finds.

There, now I gotta get to work 8 ) Happy, happy!


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