Vintage wedding rings

Some people have trouble finding the perfect dress (others the perfect man, but hey, we’re past that. LOL). Now I, on the other hand, have trouble finding the perfect rings — that I can afford at least. I have no desire for the usual bands, no offense to those who like them. But I really don’t want to wear something everyone else is wearing. I want my wedding ring to have a lot of diamonds. Either that, or a lot of character. And well, since a lot of diamonds equals a lot of months’  wages, I looked around for rings with character instead… and found these from the Antique Jewelry Mall and the Marlene Harris Collection, both based in the U.S.

The wedding band collection from these two stores — all antique, vintage and estate-inspired — are just unbelievable. Left me wishing I had 10 ring fingers to put those wedding rings on. But you know, we will have a lot of anniversaries… Wink, wink. 8P


One thought on “Vintage wedding rings

  1. Ahahaha i agree on wanting to have something not everyone else is having hehehe

    Me likey the 6th pic..
    Good thing im not into so jewelries actually Blanche hehehe
    So the hubby is lucky i don’t splurge much on that! hihi *wink*

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