Choy and Jill: Lace and loveliness

I love lace, I do. I love it like I love rocky road ice cream. So when I saw that Choy and Jill’s wedding was all about lace and fashion, I knew I had to give it a special place here. And with THE Pat Dy capturing all the pretty, pretty details, I can just eat this whole thing!

Now let’s start with the prettiest thing, the bride:

She didn’t have it bad either… The groom was pretty dapper himself!

Truth to tell, I have seen very few couples who look THIS good together. Quits!

Choy Nunez, an IT manager in HP Philippines, and Jill Sabalo, M.D., were married at the Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Tagaytay on the afternoon of Nov. 7, 2009. They held their reception at the Taal Vista Hotel, a relatively old haunt that remains a Tagaytay landmark to this day, thanks to its spectacular view of the Taal Volcano.

The couple chose a mango yellow motif, accented by chocolate brown and bronze.

Choy and Jill, in cahoots with the entourage, surprised their guests with a fashion show, true to their theme:

While the perfection of the wedding meant a lot to the couple, nothing compared with the moment they became one in the eyes of God and man. From Jill:

My favorite part of the wedding was the post-ceremony. Right after the Mass, the people seemed really excited just before our first kiss. And it was fun walking out the door for the first time as a married couple.

Hold on, you haven’t seen enough loveliness from these two. Next up, their gazillion gorgeous wedding details!


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