Joey B. + Rene G. = Everything nice

So you’re getting married; now how would you like your shots?

With sugar?

Or spice?

Or everything nice?

Well, this is one instance you won’t have to choose. Because you can have both.

Rene Gaviola, author of alternative editorials, and Joey Boquiren, the perfecter of vintage, have recently launched a special tie-up for wedding coverage in the Philippines. It’s the quintessential shooting two birds with one stone. Or maybe it’s having two stones shooting love birds? Whatever, here’s the deal:

Philippine-based Wedding Services by Joey Boquiren & Rene Gaviola

– wedding photography by Joey & Rene
– unlimited shots, printable .jpgs in PC-DVD format
– 10×10 40-page album (choice of leather album or coffeetable book)
– FEE: P60,000.00

You wanna toast to that?


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