Our precious

I don’t usually get too personal here, as I do have my wedding blog, but choosing our wedding rings was so… educational… and freaking tedious that there must be someone apart from us who will benefit from it. 8 )

See, my groom and I have completely different tastes in jewelry and the search for the bands was marked by a lot of negotiations and arguments. How very… “marriage.” LOL. He wanted a plain and functional titanium ring; I wanted a vintage white gold or glitzy diamond ring. At first we agreed to disagree and go noir et rouge: he would get a black titanium, I would get a red gold vintage vine.

But alas, the pair just didn’t look right to me so I told him I’d agree to wear titanium if and only if he could find a VERY cool one with diamond. Well, what do you know, he did. Here’s what he got me:

And this is what I found for him:

So what is the point of all this? Titanium rocks! Because…

  • it’s seven times stronger than platinum but probably as many times cheaper
  • it’s super light, you barely know it’s there, so perfect for active people
  • it’s neutral and won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin
  • it will NEVER rust or tarnish and could barely be scratched; also heat-resistant
  • it’s used to replace human heart valves (I just had to relate it to hearts! LOL)
  • it’s the metal of choice in the aerospace industry and is used to build space capsules and supersonic airliners
  • it comes in black, which makes for a rare wedding ring and a cool conversation piece

Oh, in case you’re interested, we got our rings from here which carries pieces from Edward Mirell, who owns the patent to black titanium (they developed the technology to create black-ti. Coolness).

P.S. To reward myself for being such a nice, compromising bride, I got me this from the Zales Prestige Collection:

…a GIA-certified G-H, VS1-VS2 diamond seven stone band in 14K white gold. End of discussion. 8 )


5 thoughts on “Our precious

  1. LMAO @ P.S. hahahahahahaha!!

    Finally, I get why you’re so happy about the rings! They’re fabulous! (Yeah, all three of them lol) I know, I know, uber delayed reaction especially since we were chatting the day you got your rings (di ba?)…

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