Orj and Len: DIY sophistication

She wanted a 1920s flapper themed wedding; she had it. She wanted a frou-frou bag, she made it. Yup, she made it — her bridal bag. And her birdcage veil. And the entourage’s headpieces. And the centerpieces. And the invites, and…

Just looking at the bride’s list of DIY projects for the Jan. 2 vintage-themed wedding makes me exhausted and nervous that if the projects didn’t work out, well, you know… But no one else can pull it off like Len, who shared with us one of her first DIYs — these telegram save-the-dates last year. The moment I saw Orj and Len’s wedding photos by Joey Boquiren, I knew it all worked out. Perfectly.

Enjoy Orj and Len’s so un-DIY-looking DIY wedding at Splendido, Tagaytay!

Check out that veil. No wonder the girl is called DIY queen.

Legs, legs, legs… I wonder where Joey was exactly when he took these two shots below. =P

For some reason, this photo reminds me of Napa Valley in California, one of my fave places ever…

Orj and Len, if you guys can work this hard for a great wedding, I bet you can work as hard to make a very good marriage! Cheers!


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