Feeling rice flowers and other fillers

Need flowers, will go to Dangwa.

And so I did what every other practical bride does:  I went to the famous flower market in Manila for my bouquets. No. 1 advice when going to places like this is KNOW WHAT YOU WANT/NEED because, simply put, clueless people can die there from flower overload (well at least you get buried in carnations, yeah? LOL).

Now I’m not flower-savvy but I went there armed with pegs of bouquets I liked (It’s good to have several options so you can compare prices and availability of flowers). Besides my long-time preference for carnations, I was not particular about bouquets. All I knew was that I didn’t want the usual flowers, so I instead kept an eye out for lovely fillers — and ended up fancying what Ver Flower Shop told me were called rice flowers (Excuse the blurry pictures, I took them with my mobile phone amid a throng of flower shoppers).

Anyway, I loved the pretty little things so I asked for a mock-up bouquet for my bridesmaids. This what they came up with:

A closer look…

I’m not a fan of the ribbon they used so I’ll provide my own pretty pink lace to tie our bouquets but otherwise, this ain’t bad for P200 ($4). Yep, two hundred pesos only. Sold!

Those who are on the lookout for a different bouquet, try getting creative with fillers. They are usually cheaper and can make a surprisingly pretty bunch for your entourage. Like these statice flowers:

I forget now what these fillers are called but they’re bright and potentially lovely too, from Dangwa. (NOTE: They’re called Sweet William, according to Dylan Gozum of Vatel Manila. Thank you God for brilliant florists like him!  8P)

As for my bouquet, this is what I asked them to copy:

Again, according to Dylan, the flowers are not peonies but English roses… Hmm… I’ll have to ask the flower shop again if they have that and how much. I initially suggested that the flowers be replaced with white carnations (after the girl told me they were a certain kind of peonies, which are P350/stem) — and anyway I’ve always thought of myself as a carnations kind of girl (I’m a lot more playful than roses or calla lilies). Cost of my bridal bouquet? P800 ($15). Is that happiness or what?!

Now I’m crossing my fingers that Dangwa will deliver on the big day, literally.


5 thoughts on “Feeling rice flowers and other fillers

  1. The pink fillers are called Sweet William (Dianthus Barbatus; the word “pink” may have come from this flower). 🙂

    And yes, a bouquet of statice is a really cool idea (which I am already doing for my Boracay wedding in November with a topping of Cymbidium orchids).

    Also, the bridal bouquet you wanted them to copy – these are English Garden Roses, not peonies. Aren’t English roses divine? 🙂 What do they plan to use to replace those black fillers?

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