About Me

Hi! I’m Blanche, an editor and a reporter, a slave and a slave-driver, a bride and now, a blogger.  I am marrying my best friend at the beach on June 19, 2010, and on the road to that I’ve stumbled upon tales and things that are worth putting out there for people to read (after the usual grim hard news, which I’ve been writing, too, for a decade). I created this site for those lovely stories, and for all of us who need a happy place in this world. It’s time we see a different side 8 )

With contributions from:

Hello, I’m Nikko! By November 2009, I will be the only unwed sibling in a brood of three. But at 33 years old, I am perfectly content being a maid of honor, bridesmaid, daughter, sister, cousin, friend, Inquirer reporter, shopaholic, traveler and dreamer. I haven’t even visualized my own wedding yet. I am here, helping my good friend Blanche and all the lucky brides out there, simply because I adore pretty things, love stories and happy endings.


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ive looked at love from both sides now
    From give and take, and still somehow
    Its loves illusions I recall
    I really don’t know love at all

    Tears and fears and feeling proud
    To say I love you right out loud
    Dreams and schemes and circus crowds
    I’ve looked at life that way


    Fabulous work! I can’t wait to get on board… happy na ako ulit… (whaaaack on the head!) Hahaha!

    The website is Beautiful 🙂

    Nicolette 🙂

  2. Hi sis, great job! You really are putting time and effort in this blog. You’re a writer din pala. I write too but part time lang. Hope we can both maintain our projects. 🙂

  3. I love your site! Looking at all the beautiful things you posted here make me feel so lively and happy! Keep up the good work, girls!

    Congrat Blanche, I wish you a wonderful marriage and live happily ever after with your soon-to-be husband!

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