Earl and Abbie: This is themework

I’ve been holding this wedding for eight months now, waiting and waiting and waiting for the final output (A.K.A. artistically edited photos)  but alas, not all good things come to those who wait. And it just hit me a few nights ago, this wedding was shot by Mangored and Wally Gonzales — who needs editing? (Why it took me this long to realize that, I have NO idea.)

Now this here is what I call a themed wedding, and I mean really themed wedding. Abbie and Earl’s union was a major production. In fact, it probably had a bigger budget than most indie films. Right, Abbie? LOL. Production design (and some photos) by 4th wall (former Balay Kandila).

You need a ticket, er, escort card, to get through…

Abbie and Earl’s wedding revolved around their four favorite movies. Check these table numbers. Let’s see how well you know your films:

From Movie # 1.

From Movie # 2:

From Movie # 3

From Movie # 4

Sirit? Let’s hear from from Abbie:

Gone with the Wind

My ultimate favorite movie — saw it when I was kid, saw it when UP theater played it and I have the DVD. I love the dialogues and acting (very theatrical). I love the era; I know it’s weird but the civil war is my favorite part of  American history (Feeling ko I was there, Hehe) and because Earl loves history, he learned to love the movie na rin. But come to think of it, it’s Gone with the Wind, won eight Oscars! And because I have selective OCD (is there such a thing?) the movie became my “power movie” I watch it whenever I feel extremely happy, sad and vindictive.

The couple poses at the photobooth inspired by Gone with the Wind.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Been trying to see the movie for ages so after I saw the movie, I cried, literally cried. Next to Scarlet O’hara, I honestly think Holly Golightly is a formidable character (or maybe it’s just me) — very independent. I remember Earl was writing a paper when this was being played on TV. He took a break muna so we could watch it together and he said, “Kaya pala sabi nila maganda to, maganda pala talaga.”

A few elements from the movie:

Pride and Prejudice

I bought the movie (HBO demand) and I watched it for the entire Christmas break. I memorized every line, I didn’t just love it, I was in love with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. So for Christmas, my brother gave me a brand new book, DVD and soundtrack. He even changed my name in his cellphone to Ms. Elizabeth. Talk about obsession!

West Side Story

Earl didn’t like it, very flambuoyant interpretation of a gang war daw (frat guy kasi) but what he liked was the fight scene, minus the dancing. Ako, I’ve seen it when i was a kid too; my family loves musicals kasi. But why did the movie make it to our weeding? It’s all because of Buhay —  he loves it!!!! He likes musicals (nakuuuuu!) Nuf said.

And um, the (toy) gun was actually part of the centerpiece:

Now lest you think it was all a movie (or four movies to be precise), here are snapshots from St. James the Great where Abbie and Earl solemnly exchanged vows on Aug. 1, 2009 with their son Buhay as the most important witness.

To Earl and Abbie, you seem like a great team. May the theme of your life be everlasting love. 8 )

To those who want more inspiration from this themed wedding, click here.


Orj and Len: DIY sophistication

She wanted a 1920s flapper themed wedding; she had it. She wanted a frou-frou bag, she made it. Yup, she made it — her bridal bag. And her birdcage veil. And the entourage’s headpieces. And the centerpieces. And the invites, and…

Just looking at the bride’s list of DIY projects for the Jan. 2 vintage-themed wedding makes me exhausted and nervous that if the projects didn’t work out, well, you know… But no one else can pull it off like Len, who shared with us one of her first DIYs — these telegram save-the-dates last year. The moment I saw Orj and Len’s wedding photos by Joey Boquiren, I knew it all worked out. Perfectly.

Enjoy Orj and Len’s so un-DIY-looking DIY wedding at Splendido, Tagaytay!

Check out that veil. No wonder the girl is called DIY queen.

Legs, legs, legs… I wonder where Joey was exactly when he took these two shots below. =P

For some reason, this photo reminds me of Napa Valley in California, one of my fave places ever…

Orj and Len, if you guys can work this hard for a great wedding, I bet you can work as hard to make a very good marriage! Cheers!

Choy and Jill: Lace and loveliness II

And they were all yellow.

Choy and Jill went with mango yellow as their motif, accented by chocolate brown and bronze. The theme? Well, Jill can do the talking.

Our first idea was just fashion kasi pareho kaming shopaholics and slaves of fashion! Choy more than me, can you believe? Haha! Then when Veluz and I discussed my gown, I wanted it to be made of lace, sabi niya sa akin, “Ah lace pala gusto mo ha, eto, malulunod ka sa lace!” Kaya naisip namin elegant naman for every detail of our wedding to be lacy.

True, true…

The couple hired “Details Diva” Ernest Pascual for the event styling. Suffice it to say that they had style in every detail and detail in every style.

Following the lace and fashion theme, the tables were named after the fashion capitals of the world. All the stationery — invites, save-the-dates, menu cards, place cards, message cards and table numbers — incorporated the lacy doily pattern chosen by the couple as their cohesive element. Even the gobo lights had to be customized by Sensitivity to show the lacy pattern dancing on the ceiling.

The message tree:

Trivia cards about the couple were placed on every table.

And my favorite detail of all, this four-tiered wedding cake by Penk Ching (who also designed celebrity couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo’s photo cake)

Not to forget the lacy dress that started it all. By Veluz, who else.

And almost as a postscript, I just had to post the groom’s shoes and cufflinks. It’s true what Jill said, they both LOVE fashion but it’s really Choy who’s more a slave to it. Wink, wink.

To Choy and Jill, if your marriage could be half as awesome as your wedding, you’re pretty much set for life. Cheers!

Choy and Jill: Lace and loveliness

I love lace, I do. I love it like I love rocky road ice cream. So when I saw that Choy and Jill’s wedding was all about lace and fashion, I knew I had to give it a special place here. And with THE Pat Dy capturing all the pretty, pretty details, I can just eat this whole thing!

Now let’s start with the prettiest thing, the bride:

She didn’t have it bad either… The groom was pretty dapper himself!

Truth to tell, I have seen very few couples who look THIS good together. Quits!

Choy Nunez, an IT manager in HP Philippines, and Jill Sabalo, M.D., were married at the Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Tagaytay on the afternoon of Nov. 7, 2009. They held their reception at the Taal Vista Hotel, a relatively old haunt that remains a Tagaytay landmark to this day, thanks to its spectacular view of the Taal Volcano.

The couple chose a mango yellow motif, accented by chocolate brown and bronze.

Choy and Jill, in cahoots with the entourage, surprised their guests with a fashion show, true to their theme:

While the perfection of the wedding meant a lot to the couple, nothing compared with the moment they became one in the eyes of God and man. From Jill:

My favorite part of the wedding was the post-ceremony. Right after the Mass, the people seemed really excited just before our first kiss. And it was fun walking out the door for the first time as a married couple.

Hold on, you haven’t seen enough loveliness from these two. Next up, their gazillion gorgeous wedding details!

JD and Michelle: No place like home

My best friends know that if I were not getting married on the beach, I’d be getting married in a big old house, a big old library or a big old barnyard (Yes I like big and old stuff!). But well, I am having a beach wedding, and I don’t have a big old house I can marry in anyway.

But JD Domingo does (or at least his dad does). Film editor JD and his lawyer bride Michelle Santos pulled off that “backyard wedding” I so totally dig. Or wait, was it a front yard wedding? Anyhoo, the ceremony was held at Mary the Mother of the Church Parish in Las Pinas and the reception was done at Casa Domingo (A.K.A. the groom’s house in BF Resort Village, Las Pinas) on Oct. 29, 2009.

Truth is, this couple almost gave up the idea of having the reception at home due to, yes, pressure from traditional folks who thought it was not “bonggacious” enough (Michelle’s word!). The couple caved in and was set to have the reception at the pricey Antonio’s restaurant in Tagaytay, but Michelle’s parents had to go to the U.S. soon, so the couple reverted to their original plan — and out everything together within a month!

From Michelle:

We used it as an excuse to go back to our original plan of having the wedding at JD’s house. We’re really happy with the outcome. It was worth butting heads with people. The important thing is we had a wedding we wanted — unique and non-traditional. 😀

At the reception, there was a Digman’s halo-halo station, a bibingka and puto bumbong station, lechon baka and lechon baboy, R. Lapid’s chicharon for cocktails (beat that!), fresh lumpia from Bacoor, pansit from Binan…

If I may say so, they had a wedding I wanted (among other weddings I want. LOL).

Enjoy these (raw) photos from Imagine Nations’s Toto Villaruel, Hyds Valencia and Noel Salazar.

If you don’t get the hint from this invite, well…

The bride wore a funky, short wedding dress by Gretchen Pichay. Brave and beautiful, that gown. Fit for an off-beat bride.

The groom:

Y por supuesto, la casa

Michelle says the house was actually built in the 1980s so it’s not that old.

It was just made to look old 😀 JD’s papa collected wood, bricks and adobe from old houses that were demolished so it was extremely laborious and it took a long time before it looked like that.

How charming is this set-up?

And is this actually the bathroom? I’m stumped.

Oh and some scenes from the church. I was so fixated on the reception at home I almost forgot to share these. Love the candid shots! (I think that’s an Oreo she’s biting into…)

Oh what a big old house can do for weddings… Thanks JD and Michelle for daring to do it at home. There’s nothing like it. Cheers!

Arnel and Jessy: Come hell or high water

This is one wedding that’s truly worth recalling to your kids and grandkids and great grandkids. I don’t think I’ve met any couple that’s this determined to become one on the date they set to exchange vows.

Arnel Perez and Jeselyn Morales got married on Sept. 26, 2009, just as Typhoon Ondoy — the worst to hit Metro Manila in 40 years — was angrily lashing at the capital, submerging 80 percent of the metropolis in floodwater.

Any other day, it would have been an ordinary wedding.




But thanks to the weather, it was anything but ordinary.


Jesselyn, all dolled up by HMUA Victoria Gonzalez, left the Joya Condotel in Rockwell just as the staff cleared the lobby of floodwater that had entered the building.



The flooded streets of Makati, however, were something that nobody could clear for the couple. The groom made it to their church, the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart, on a pedicab, standing on the seat so that he could be above the water. The bride relates:

Muntik na bumaligtad yung sinasakyan nila… Buti nalang dami tumulong sa kanila itinulak yung pedicab tapos sigaw daw ng isang lalaki dun, “Tulungan natin ito, IKAKASAL ITO!!!”

Meanwhile, Jesselyn, who was with her parents and a coordinator from Bride’s Diary in the bridal car, ended up at the Makati Fire Station, looking for another ride and almost ready to take a pedicab:

Nagpalit na ako ng damit, pinahiram na sa akin ng coordinator ko yung pambahay niya para mag-pedicab din kami. Nakapambahay na ako, ready na talaga akong sumulong sa baha.

But the heavens sent an angel, a DJ from RX 93 whose name the bride forgot in the madness of the scenario. The DJ was asking for directions at the Fire Station so he could pick up his girlfriend somewhere near the church. He took in the bride and her delegation and delivered them safely on a 4×4 pick-up.

Here’s the bride in her pambahay with her (cute) unnamed rescuer. She changed into her gown inside the church.



And finally, finally, the wedding — two hours delayed — started with only the couple, their parents and a pair of sponsors. Their photographers from Parkershot (who took all these photos) were there, along with the wedding coordinators and a vocalist from the Manila Philharmonic Orchestra (I’m making it a point to name their suppliers so you guys know the REALLY reliable ones. If these people can brave Ondoy, they can brave anything for your wedding).

Pagkanta ng wedding march ko natuluyan yung pag-iyak ko kasi pinipigilan ko lang bago mgsimula… Hindi ko na talaga napigilan. Buti na lang si groom ang laki ng smile hanggang tenga.






Check out the ultra gloomy sights from the window of the The Loft@Manansala in Rockwell (past the cake!), where Arnel and Jeselyn had their reception.




Ever in good spirits, the couple wowed their guests with their first dance — to Korean pop group Wonder Girls’ Nobody.

Naloka sila sa dance number namin, akala nila traditional lang pero NOBODY talaga…. NOBODY can stop us talaga.



This is one of my favorite wedding stories ever. I wish Arnel and Jeselyn a marriage less stressful –but just as exciting — as their wedding day. For more anecdotes and pictures, head over here.