Orj and Len: DIY sophistication

She wanted a 1920s flapper themed wedding; she had it. She wanted a frou-frou bag, she made it. Yup, she made it — her bridal bag. And her birdcage veil. And the entourage’s headpieces. And the centerpieces. And the invites, and…

Just looking at the bride’s list of DIY projects for the Jan. 2 vintage-themed wedding makes me exhausted and nervous that if the projects didn’t work out, well, you know… But no one else can pull it off like Len, who shared with us one of her first DIYs — these telegram save-the-dates last year. The moment I saw Orj and Len’s wedding photos by Joey Boquiren, I knew it all worked out. Perfectly.

Enjoy Orj and Len’s so un-DIY-looking DIY wedding at Splendido, Tagaytay!

Check out that veil. No wonder the girl is called DIY queen.

Legs, legs, legs… I wonder where Joey was exactly when he took these two shots below. =P

For some reason, this photo reminds me of Napa Valley in California, one of my fave places ever…

Orj and Len, if you guys can work this hard for a great wedding, I bet you can work as hard to make a very good marriage! Cheers!


Our precious

I don’t usually get too personal here, as I do have my wedding blog, but choosing our wedding rings was so… educational… and freaking tedious that there must be someone apart from us who will benefit from it. 8 )

See, my groom and I have completely different tastes in jewelry and the search for the bands was marked by a lot of negotiations and arguments. How very… “marriage.” LOL. He wanted a plain and functional titanium ring; I wanted a vintage white gold or glitzy diamond ring. At first we agreed to disagree and go noir et rouge: he would get a black titanium, I would get a red gold vintage vine.

But alas, the pair just didn’t look right to me so I told him I’d agree to wear titanium if and only if he could find a VERY cool one with diamond. Well, what do you know, he did. Here’s what he got me:

And this is what I found for him:

So what is the point of all this? Titanium rocks! Because…

  • it’s seven times stronger than platinum but probably as many times cheaper
  • it’s super light, you barely know it’s there, so perfect for active people
  • it’s neutral and won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin
  • it will NEVER rust or tarnish and could barely be scratched; also heat-resistant
  • it’s used to replace human heart valves (I just had to relate it to hearts! LOL)
  • it’s the metal of choice in the aerospace industry and is used to build space capsules and supersonic airliners
  • it comes in black, which makes for a rare wedding ring and a cool conversation piece

Oh, in case you’re interested, we got our rings from here which carries pieces from Edward Mirell, who owns the patent to black titanium (they developed the technology to create black-ti. Coolness).

P.S. To reward myself for being such a nice, compromising bride, I got me this from the Zales Prestige Collection:

…a GIA-certified G-H, VS1-VS2 diamond seven stone band in 14K white gold. End of discussion. 8 )

Choy and Jill: Lace and loveliness II

And they were all yellow.

Choy and Jill went with mango yellow as their motif, accented by chocolate brown and bronze. The theme? Well, Jill can do the talking.

Our first idea was just fashion kasi pareho kaming shopaholics and slaves of fashion! Choy more than me, can you believe? Haha! Then when Veluz and I discussed my gown, I wanted it to be made of lace, sabi niya sa akin, “Ah lace pala gusto mo ha, eto, malulunod ka sa lace!” Kaya naisip namin elegant naman for every detail of our wedding to be lacy.

True, true…

The couple hired “Details Diva” Ernest Pascual for the event styling. Suffice it to say that they had style in every detail and detail in every style.

Following the lace and fashion theme, the tables were named after the fashion capitals of the world. All the stationery — invites, save-the-dates, menu cards, place cards, message cards and table numbers — incorporated the lacy doily pattern chosen by the couple as their cohesive element. Even the gobo lights had to be customized by Sensitivity to show the lacy pattern dancing on the ceiling.

The message tree:

Trivia cards about the couple were placed on every table.

And my favorite detail of all, this four-tiered wedding cake by Penk Ching (who also designed celebrity couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo’s photo cake)

Not to forget the lacy dress that started it all. By Veluz, who else.

And almost as a postscript, I just had to post the groom’s shoes and cufflinks. It’s true what Jill said, they both LOVE fashion but it’s really Choy who’s more a slave to it. Wink, wink.

To Choy and Jill, if your marriage could be half as awesome as your wedding, you’re pretty much set for life. Cheers!

Choy and Jill: Lace and loveliness

I love lace, I do. I love it like I love rocky road ice cream. So when I saw that Choy and Jill’s wedding was all about lace and fashion, I knew I had to give it a special place here. And with THE Pat Dy capturing all the pretty, pretty details, I can just eat this whole thing!

Now let’s start with the prettiest thing, the bride:

She didn’t have it bad either… The groom was pretty dapper himself!

Truth to tell, I have seen very few couples who look THIS good together. Quits!

Choy Nunez, an IT manager in HP Philippines, and Jill Sabalo, M.D., were married at the Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Tagaytay on the afternoon of Nov. 7, 2009. They held their reception at the Taal Vista Hotel, a relatively old haunt that remains a Tagaytay landmark to this day, thanks to its spectacular view of the Taal Volcano.

The couple chose a mango yellow motif, accented by chocolate brown and bronze.

Choy and Jill, in cahoots with the entourage, surprised their guests with a fashion show, true to their theme:

While the perfection of the wedding meant a lot to the couple, nothing compared with the moment they became one in the eyes of God and man. From Jill:

My favorite part of the wedding was the post-ceremony. Right after the Mass, the people seemed really excited just before our first kiss. And it was fun walking out the door for the first time as a married couple.

Hold on, you haven’t seen enough loveliness from these two. Next up, their gazillion gorgeous wedding details!

Joey B. + Rene G. = Everything nice

So you’re getting married; now how would you like your shots?

With sugar?

Or spice?

Or everything nice?

Well, this is one instance you won’t have to choose. Because you can have both.

Rene Gaviola, author of alternative editorials, and Joey Boquiren, the perfecter of vintage, have recently launched a special tie-up for wedding coverage in the Philippines. It’s the quintessential shooting two birds with one stone. Or maybe it’s having two stones shooting love birds? Whatever, here’s the deal:

Philippine-based Wedding Services by Joey Boquiren & Rene Gaviola

– wedding photography by Joey & Rene
– unlimited shots, printable .jpgs in PC-DVD format
– 10×10 40-page album (choice of leather album or coffeetable book)
– FEE: P60,000.00

You wanna toast to that?

Vintage wedding rings

Some people have trouble finding the perfect dress (others the perfect man, but hey, we’re past that. LOL). Now I, on the other hand, have trouble finding the perfect rings — that I can afford at least. I have no desire for the usual bands, no offense to those who like them. But I really don’t want to wear something everyone else is wearing. I want my wedding ring to have a lot of diamonds. Either that, or a lot of character. And well, since a lot of diamonds equals a lot of months’  wages, I looked around for rings with character instead… and found these from the Antique Jewelry Mall and the Marlene Harris Collection, both based in the U.S.

The wedding band collection from these two stores — all antique, vintage and estate-inspired — are just unbelievable. Left me wishing I had 10 ring fingers to put those wedding rings on. But you know, we will have a lot of anniversaries… Wink, wink. 8P

If I had another dress…

… this would be it.

This sampaguita-inspired dress by young designer Alodia Cecilia Sales was part of her Urban Royalty collection at the Philippine Fashion Week in 2008. Two years old and it still rocks, in my book.

Check out the back:

Actually, what really made this whole look stand out was that cape jewelry of rice (freshwater) pearls, snakeskin, Swarovski crystals and silver — also handmade by Alodia (and also desired by me,  LOL). That gorgeous piece of jewelry costs P45,000. The organza tube dress sold for P7,000.

Sigh… I want! Both! LOL.