Candlelight dinner, anyone?

So some couples spend as much as, gulp, P100,000 on their wedding  flowers (bouquets, church and reception set-up, etc). I, on the other hand, would take that cash and hie off to some exotic destination. I know, I know, flowers are pretty — that’s their role in life — and they can make guests go oooh and awww and wish they had a whole garden of what’s on your table. And wouldn’t we all love to have as much of them as we can BUT the fact is — the oohs and aahhs could cost so much that at the end of the wedding, your guests’ awws could be your biggest ouch!

So what’s a practical couple’s options aside from those stunning floral centerpieces? Candles, my dear, and lamps or luminaries. I’d like to share some of  these centerpieces that will light up the place, literally, without breaking the budget. I came across them from various US wedding blogs (Martha Stewart definitely!) and thought they could be useful to  us chocolates-over-flowers people. 8 )

This one’s cool for the beach… Won’t be blown away by the tropical breeze.

But more than anything, I’m a big fan of lamps and luminaries 8 )