R & B: Road trip gone wrong

I always get lost. I do, I don’t even know how that happens so much but it does. I’m the worst person to ask for directions, I can name at least 50 people who will attest to that. But my then-fiance now-husband Rhoel, God bless him, is the man with a map and a compass. He loves reading them things and is probably the most frequent user of Google Earth.  So when we decided to shoot some more after our cowboy episode at El Kabayo last June 11, the spontaneously conceived concept was a no-brainer: we would pretend to be on a road trip. Well actually, we were on a road trip (Manila-Pampanga, hello!)! but to add a little twist to it, we decided we wanted to be lost.

Of course, we weren’t really lost (our fab photographer Paolo Feliciano is a local, remember) but technically, we were not not lost either because we didn’t know exactly where we were (somewhere in Clark with VERY few vehicles) or where we were going. Just following photographer’s orders was what we were doing. 8 )

And then we decided it would be more exciting if our reliable little white car, Snarf, conked out on us…

… which would force us to walk.

We’ll end up here, in this cozy English pub on a nice, warm afternoon.

And we’ll have some drinks and live happily ever after. Well, that’s the general idea. LOL.

— The End —

Again, this whole gig would not have been half as lovely without the intervention of our make-up artist Pia Reyes and hairstylist Dave Lopez. Cowboy hats off to you guys! 8 )

P.S. Yes our beach wedding photos will be up on the blog, too (Hey, it’s mine, right? Besides, how many times can one be so self-absorbed? Ok, don’t answer.)