Block letters from Simple Joys

I am O-V-E-R-J-O-Y-E-D.

I have been charmed by these initials decor since I stumbled upon them on Martha Stewart Weddings a few months back (it helped that they were OUR initials), but I never really thought of looking for such big, bold block letters here.

Well, I was browsing through Regalong Pambahay, one of my ultra favorite local stores, for gift ideas for principal sponsors when I saw this lovely little thing way up there on their display shelf:

and this:

I immediately asked the saleslady if the letters were for sale. “Yes ma’am, they’re right in front,” and she directed me to what I can only presume is their sister shop, Simple Joys, and now I, happy beaming bride, am the proud owner of these:

And did I mention that they’re actually photo holders? And that they are on sale until April from P325 per letter to P250 (about $5 each).

Sigh… some things just find their way into your life, er, wedding 8 )