Candlelight dinner, anyone?

So some couples spend as much as, gulp, P100,000 on their wedding  flowers (bouquets, church and reception set-up, etc). I, on the other hand, would take that cash and hie off to some exotic destination. I know, I know, flowers are pretty — that’s their role in life — and they can make guests go oooh and awww and wish they had a whole garden of what’s on your table. And wouldn’t we all love to have as much of them as we can BUT the fact is — the oohs and aahhs could cost so much that at the end of the wedding, your guests’ awws could be your biggest ouch!

So what’s a practical couple’s options aside from those stunning floral centerpieces? Candles, my dear, and lamps or luminaries. I’d like to share some of  these centerpieces that will light up the place, literally, without breaking the budget. I came across them from various US wedding blogs (Martha Stewart definitely!) and thought they could be useful to  us chocolates-over-flowers people. 8 )

This one’s cool for the beach… Won’t be blown away by the tropical breeze.

But more than anything, I’m a big fan of lamps and luminaries 8 )

Choy and Jill: Lace and loveliness II

And they were all yellow.

Choy and Jill went with mango yellow as their motif, accented by chocolate brown and bronze. The theme? Well, Jill can do the talking.

Our first idea was just fashion kasi pareho kaming shopaholics and slaves of fashion! Choy more than me, can you believe? Haha! Then when Veluz and I discussed my gown, I wanted it to be made of lace, sabi niya sa akin, “Ah lace pala gusto mo ha, eto, malulunod ka sa lace!” Kaya naisip namin elegant naman for every detail of our wedding to be lacy.

True, true…

The couple hired “Details Diva” Ernest Pascual for the event styling. Suffice it to say that they had style in every detail and detail in every style.

Following the lace and fashion theme, the tables were named after the fashion capitals of the world. All the stationery — invites, save-the-dates, menu cards, place cards, message cards and table numbers — incorporated the lacy doily pattern chosen by the couple as their cohesive element. Even the gobo lights had to be customized by Sensitivity to show the lacy pattern dancing on the ceiling.

The message tree:

Trivia cards about the couple were placed on every table.

And my favorite detail of all, this four-tiered wedding cake by Penk Ching (who also designed celebrity couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo’s photo cake)

Not to forget the lacy dress that started it all. By Veluz, who else.

And almost as a postscript, I just had to post the groom’s shoes and cufflinks. It’s true what Jill said, they both LOVE fashion but it’s really Choy who’s more a slave to it. Wink, wink.

To Choy and Jill, if your marriage could be half as awesome as your wedding, you’re pretty much set for life. Cheers!

Vintage wedding rings

Some people have trouble finding the perfect dress (others the perfect man, but hey, we’re past that. LOL). Now I, on the other hand, have trouble finding the perfect rings — that I can afford at least. I have no desire for the usual bands, no offense to those who like them. But I really don’t want to wear something everyone else is wearing. I want my wedding ring to have a lot of diamonds. Either that, or a lot of character. And well, since a lot of diamonds equals a lot of months’  wages, I looked around for rings with character instead… and found these from the Antique Jewelry Mall and the Marlene Harris Collection, both based in the U.S.

The wedding band collection from these two stores — all antique, vintage and estate-inspired — are just unbelievable. Left me wishing I had 10 ring fingers to put those wedding rings on. But you know, we will have a lot of anniversaries… Wink, wink. 8P

For your foreheads

I’m trying to ignore the fact that I’ve been remiss in blogging for exactly 14 days before doing Rochelle and Denis’ anniversary post — but I can’t. I’d like to excuse my online absence by regaling you with stories of how I got busy with my actual (paying) job and at the same time remembered I had my own wedding to plan — but I won’t. So just forgive me. If I were a grade schooler, I would punish myself by writing, 100 times: I will never neglect blogging again. I will never neglect blogging again…

But hey, my grade school days are a galaxy away in time and space is precious. So I’ll just pick up where I left off with my headband addiction phase and show you these cool forehead bands — named because, yes, they can be worn on the forehead — for your consideration.

The Royalty Shop has some of the cutest, most affordable forehead bands I’ve come across — with a celebrity guide on the many ways to wear it:


Check these out from TRS:



Take a close look at this knotted forehead band from Glambands. For your bridesmaids maybe?


And from Alohandmade, aptly called knot-all-the-way. For a more casual, bohemian affair: